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Who Are We?

Who are we? We’re the ones sitting right next to you, hoping for the best as the dealer makes the big reveal. We’re the ones watching with pulses racing and hearts pumping as our favourite player goes all-in at the main event. We’re the ones who like to spend our free time unwinding by playing a few hands on our favourite poker site.

At Poker World 360, we love poker. It’s as simple as that.

But, loving poker isn’t enough. We want to use our years of experience in playing, watching and analysing this great game to help others do the same. To do this, we provide great resources concerning all the different aspects of playing poker from reviewing the best poker sites to bringing you the latest updates from major events to helping you get to grips with the finer points of the game.

We Provide The Best Poker Content


We review the best poker sites with the most exciting bonuses and the best mobile poker apps.


We keep close tabs on all the latest happenings to furnish you with the most up to date and accurate news.


Keep an eye on our blog where we regularly post our own or the best contributed content regarding poker.

Become Part of Poker World 360

If you love poker as much as we do and you want to tell the world, we want to see what hand you’ve got. We’ll tell you more about why contributing to our reviews, news feed or blog is a great opportunity.